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Webmaster and Bloggers Using will have no more earning from indian visitors as Indian Goverment's
Department of telecom has blocked domain due to their more and more usage of advertising and quality reducing for the internet users by waiting time to get desired link/content.'s http protocol has been blocked but for Indian webmasters https protocol is open so that they can browse .

Now Question arises "Can bloggers and webmaster earn with from indian users after this block ?".
Ans is yes.

How to earn with from Indian Users ?


You just have to put https:// instead of http:// to your url
i.e. your link before :
             Link After :

What about Full page script ?
How to change's linkconverter script ?

 I have made some modification to's javascipt and hosted it on hosting site.

Just change the script address from to my link..
no spyware is added you can check .js source here.

1.Login to your account.
2.Open tools menu
3.Select Full Page Script
 <script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
5.Apply this script to your site/blog .

What about website entry script ?

How to modify 's website entry script ?

change script to,
js location

1.Select Website entry script from tools menu.
2.change the marked script when you apply to your site/blog
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

And you have successfully transferred from http to https protocol.

Now you will have earnings from blocked indian visitors also.

Happy Blogging

Thanks for MakemyHosting to provide us script hosting service
You can get your free hosting at MakemyHosting..

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  1. thanks dude its working thanku so much

  2. hi need your help i have follow your instruction but i can't do it please help me i want to put website script on my blog if i put ur script its working put its show only add not my website post or any thing else please help me

    1. @shruti
      i have contacted you on G+ for you issue

  3. hi, i have used https:// but the link doesn't open. it shows this web page is not available. please helpme to solve this problem.

  4. I know one superb idea to bypass all blocks by any government, where ever you are in this world that setting will get you to any website you want to visit. Google enabled to do so, just follow some simple steps...

    hope things worked well for you..

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  6. what dumb stuff it is so easy to bypass bans by just using a simple proxy server which also comes as addon in firefox and chrome. i use zenmate and that is simple!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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