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Japan's Seiko Epson Corporation has developed "The World's Lightest flying micro-robot".

Micro Flying Robot (µFR) :

The Robot has been asambled with a small helicopter which wide about 137 milimeters. , and tall about 85 milimeters and having weight of 12 grams including battery.

Although this is still in development stage , this robo is more advanced then last year model released. It was first time demonstrated in Nov 2003 at the International Robot Exhibition, Tokyo. 
The purpose of development was micro-mechatronics technology demonstration and to explore the micro robots uses and to development application with this technology.

Features and capabilities :

  • contra-rotating propellers : (using 4--7x2x1-mm ultrasonic motors)
  • linear actuator : (mid-air stabilization mechanism )
  • external battery via a power cable : (relies power from battery via cable)
  • two microprocessors
  • bluetooth module
  • gyro-sensor
  • accelerometer
  • image sensor


It is based on remote control including a small camera which can send pictures.

According to the developer this micro-robos can be used in various organizations ,like surveillance , intelligence , traffic monitering and investing the crimes in dangerous areas.

It is considerable that the world's smalled micro-robo listed in “Guninness Book” was developed by Seiko Epson in the year 1990 . 

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